回顧9月托福口說考題,Task 1「三選一」果然如大神預測的現身。Task 4和Task 6的主題除了常見的「心理學」和「生物學」之外這次多了「商業」的主題。


考試時間 考試題目 題型問法
9月2日 Task 1
The college receives fund, which of the following projects should be sponsored:
1. make more accurate predictions about wealth
2. clean rivers and oceans
3. explore outer space
Task 2
Do you prefer to make friend with those who are at the same age with you or at the different ages?
9月8日 Task 1
Your friend wants to learn how to cook. What suggestion would you like to give to this friend and why?
Task 2
When traveling outside, some people prefer to keep connections with their family members and friends; other people do not prefer to do so? Which way do you prefer and why?
9月9日 Task 1
Which of the following is most important for recruitment of new employees?
1. the behavior in the interview
2. work experience
3. level of education degree
Task 2
Which do you prefer to decorate your room: many picture or simple things?
9月16日 Task 1
The professor canceled the evening class at short-notice, your friend asked you to go to a movie together, but you would need to prepare for the upcoming test. What would you do?
Task 2
Which do you prefer? Homeschooling or sending kids to the public school?

口說的獨立題型Task 1 & 2跟寫作獨立題型相似,常常在撰寫口說分析文的時候,都會有一點時空錯亂的情形,以為還在寫作的項目。Task 1按問法分為以下4種類型:「3選1」、「開放觀點」、「建議」和「描述」,Task 2則主要會出現「2選1」類和「是非類」2種類型。從「題型問法」中我們看到,Task 1 出現了「3選1」、「開放觀點」和「建議類」的題型。Task 2 只出現「2選1」的題目。 至於主題方面,本月還是以「校園相關」為主,其它像是「朋友」和「家庭」相關的主題也有出現。

2018/9/02 Task 1口說3選1新題作答範本

If you are the interviewer, which aspect about the interviews will you take into most consideration?
a. the performance of the interview
b. degree or diploma
c. previous work experience

快速破題句 When it comes to assessing the qualifications of an interviewee, 選擇C it is work experience that counts most. 推翻A的理由 It is true the performance of the interview provides a rough picture of personality and enthusiasm toward work, yet the interview may only happen to present the best or worst part of the interviewee; it does not tell the whole tale. 推翻B的理由 Although strong academic performances suggest the candidate’s strength in some way, many cases demonstrate that schoolwork and work in business are not on the same page. 選擇C的理由 Differently, previous work experiences serve as a direct gauge of the interviewee’s suitability. Not only will the interviewer be informed of which level the candidate has been involved in a similar field of job, work experience also reveals the interviewee’s loyalty, adaptability, and extent of training.

對抗口說題目,最重要的就是「語料」,考前多加訓練充沛自己的語料庫是不二法則。針對3選1的題型,得快速構思;答題時是一開就得快速破題,然後 選擇其中一個去對照其它兩個問題,如上方示範。

TOEFL口說Task 4作答千萬不能加入個人觀點

Task 3 + Task 5:校園場景相關

TASK 3 聽力觀點

TASK 3 閱讀主題

TASK 5 主題

9月份Task 3閱讀主題為「建議信」和「校園政策」,贊成和反對觀點各50%的機率。Task 5 的主題變得非常多元,除了常出現的「時間衝突」和「住宿問題」外,9月份還有「學習」和「人際」的內容。「贊成觀點」Task 3口說作答結構通常會比反對的來的單純一些,所以這邊還是針對「反對觀點」的真題來做示範。

2018/9/02 Task 3口說考題反對觀點作答範本

What has been argued in the two passages is whether the college should purchase more bicycles for rent on the campus. As the reading suggests, this practice is beneficial because the present rental bicycles are not enough to meet the demands; also, with the new rental bicycles available, the present ones will be maintained and fixed for longer use. The lecturer, however, disagrees by saying there is no need for such purchases because many people have their own bicycles and will not rent the bicycles; on the other hand, many of the bicycles need maintenance, but there is only limited personnel responsible for the job. Instead of buying, the school should train or hire more technicians for maintenance.

黃色highlight的部分為閱讀,裡面說明了2個學校需要添購單車的理由,其它部分則為聽力裡面反對其觀點的2個資訊。Task 3算是口說中較簡單的一個題型,主要為擷取閱讀和聽力的重點加以summarize即可。該題的簡單架構可查看下方提供的中文key notes所示:


  1. 學校現在的自行車不夠用。
  2. 多買一些車的話,現在正在使用的車就可以撤出一部分來做維修和保養,問題可以及時修復,有利於車的長期使用。


  1. 自行車夠用, 很多人有自己的自行車,根本不需要學校多買車。
  2. 雖然有一些自行車有問題沒有被及時修復,但是沒有修復不是因為車不夠用不能回收,而是因為自行車維修人員不夠,所以多買車根本不能解決問題,還不如多培訓一些維修人員。
  3. 大家都有手錶或者手機,不需要鐘來提醒時間。


Task 4 + Task 6:學術場景相關



9月份的Task 4 「心理學」主題占了一半,「商業」和「生物」主題出現的機率各佔25%。Task 6的主題分佈很整齊,一半為「心理學」,另一半則為「生物學」。Task 4題型中,閱讀會先給一個概念,然後聽力內容出現舉例;作答時用2-3句話概括閱讀段落大意,切記重點在聽力段落描述。商業是相對比較少出現的題目,特別挑出商業類的作答示範給考生們參考。

2018/9/16 Task 4口說考題作答範本

The set of passages sheds light on affinity marketing. As the reading passage defines, many businesses, in order to attract more customers, offer special discounts for customers from other affiliated businesses so a win-win situation will be created. To illustrate this concept, the speaker uses his friend’s business as the example. Running a fitness clothing store, his friend offers visitors to the gym in the neighborhood 20%-off coupons for his fitness garments. As the results demonstrate, those who are offered the coupons do come to purchase the sports gears, proving such marketing strategy does lead to success.



  1. Which of the following ways is the best in getting to know Italian culture:
    • watching Italian movies
    • learning Italian cooking
    • attending Italian lectures or classes
  2. Do you agree or disagree that students would learn more if the teachers assign them with more schoolwork?
  3. Which of the following classes is the most attractive to students
    • Sound engineering[acoustics]
    • History of rock music
    • Film studies
  4. There are several ways you can get to know a country without traveling abroad. Which of the following ways would you like to choose?
    • Reading books
    • Watching videos
    • Joining online communication groups
  5. Do you agree or disagree that the determining factor for success of students in school is intelligence?
  6. Your university has acquired a piece of land next to the campus. There have been three options for the use of the land. Which do you prefer? why?
    • the athletic facilities and stadiums
    • a park with nature trails
    • centers for students and hotel for campus guests
  7. Some universities expect the students to choose a major field of study when they enter the school; while other universities wait until the second or the third year before students deciding to choose a major field of study. Which do you prefer? Why or why not?
  8. Leaving some time for group discussion in class is beneficial for study. Do you agree or not?
  9. What do you think is the most important thing that parents should teach their children? Please include details in your response.
  10. Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer
  11. Describe why movies are so popular. How is your generation different from your parents’ generation?